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Kaffir Limes

Kaffir Lime (citrus hystrix), is a bumpy citrus fruit that has a great deal of aromatic essential oil in the rind. Kaffir lime is cut in half and rub the lime on person's head to massage him/her scalp and condition him/her hair.

Kaffir Lime Leaves, rhese shiny, dark green, double-lobed leaves are used extensively in Thai, Lao and Cambodian cuisines as well as in the neighboring countries of India, Burma, Malaysian and Indonesia. For Thais, whole kaffir lime leaves have endless possibilities. They are an important ingredient in soups such as Tom Yum and Tom Kha, and are also always in curries. Whole kaffir lime leaves are used like bay leaves. The essential oil in the fresh leaves imparts flavor quickly and easily in boiling liquid, but the leaves themselves are not for eating. We never use dry kaffir lime leaves in Thailand. Letting them dry allows the delicate essential oil to disappear and nothing is left in the dry leaves. Ideally you want to freeze the fresh leaves right away while their moisture helps trap all of the essence. Kaffir lime leaves can be served in soups, curries, or another way to use the leaves is as a very fine chiffonade.

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