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Honey Jackfruit

Honey Jackfruit looks somewhat like durian (though Honey Jackfruit is usually even larger). once a jackfruit is cracked open, what you will find inside are pods or "bulbs". often referred to as the seeds, these bulbs are actually a kind of fleshy covering for the true seeds or pits, which are round and dark like chesnuts. the fleshy part (the "bulb") can be eaten as is, or cut up and cooked. when unripe (green), it is remarkably similar in texture to chicken, making jackfruit an excellent vegetarian substitute for meat.

Honey Jackfruit contains many vitamins and minerals, and offers numerous health benefits. the fruit's isoflavones, antioxidants, and phytonutrients mean that jackfruit has cancer-fighting properties. it is also known to help cure ulcers and indigestion.

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