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Durian D24

The word durian is derived from the Malaysian word for thorns, durio. It's most outstanding characteristic, however, the pungent aroma that issues from the fruit once it is ripe. No edible product in the Western World rivals this odor in strength unless it be Blue Cheese, and that is only considered edible by extremely questionably sources.

Yet durian is proclaimed by many to be the food of kings, the sweet ambrosia of the jungle, and the taste of heaven. Within that hard, spiny husk is a custard as smooth as a whipped pudding, sweet as vanilla ice cream, and savory as any garlic bread. Perhaps it's the best tasting foods in the world.

D24, also known as Sultan durian or "Bukit Merah". This clone was originated from Bukit Merah Reservoir, Perak and registered by DOA on 30 November 1937. It is oval in shape, of average size, weighing between 1 - 2.8kg. per fruit. The skin is green to brownish green and the thorns are sharp and thin. The flesh is yellow, thick and sweet. Some a bit bitter. Most has big and cracked seeds.

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